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Dance Attire & Studio Policies

Raedene’s Dancin’ Stars Studio
2020 - 2021 Class Attire List

Dance Shoes & Attire may be purchased through RDSS during business hours

Dance Attire Requirements:

  • Please make sure your dancer is properly prepared for the dance discipline they are studying. 

  • There should be no jewelry of any kind worn for any dance class. Post earrings are fine. 

  • Hair for girls must be off of the face and pulled up. 

  • Please put your child’s hair in a bun for all ballet classes. 

  • Tights need to be worn for all classes.  

  • Leotard, bra top, or Lycra fitted tank top

  • Jazz pants or Jazz hot shorts. 

  • Dance skirts are allowed, but not in technique classes. 

Ballet Class Attire Level 1 and up



  • Black Leotard

  • Pink Tights

  • Hair must be completely secured in a bun and off the neck.



  • White T-shirt, and Black Shorts or Fitted Pants

Dance Shoes

  • Tiny Stars:  Pink Canvas or Leather Ballet Shoes

  • Ballet/Tap Combo:    Tap -Velcro Buckle, Caramel or Dark Tan Color               

                                           Ballet - Pink Canvas or Leather Ballet Shoes

  • Ballet:    Ballet - Pink Canvas or Leather Ballet Shoes

  • Tap:        Pre, Lv. 1 and Lv. 1-2 Classes - Velcro Buckle, Caramel or Dark Tan Color 

                       Lv. 2/3- Black Tie Shoe - Suggested: Capezio Tic Top Toe

  • Pom, Jazz, Lyrical:      Caramel Jazz Boot or Dark Tan Jazz Shoe not laces.

  • Hip Hop:    Chuck Taylor's (or generic) High Tops sneakers Black with White Soles. 

                           Not available at RDSS.

Company Teams - Please inquire with your teacher.


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